With more than 10 years of experience in the Italian man fashion industry,

Gianni's unique style and design has brought the brand to a level where it provides weekly the latest fashion "ready to go" to its client with the passion to inspire people to dress with style.

The "right" quality of its fabrics and design are already recognized and respected by its partners and clients from around Italy and continues to follow the dream of creating the latest fashion with passion and creativity.


Gianni Lupo is a brand that lives and breathes fashion. We are focused on sharing the latest Italian designs and trends at competitive prices

without compromising on quality. Being different in your everyday life has never been easier with our weekly new releases

Our philosophy of collaborating closely with our suppliers has resulted in an ever growing customer satisfaction.

Higher working standards and tighter controls are at the core of cutting waste and efficiency improvement, leading to a more sustainable production.

We are here to help you leave mark in your everyday life.


Because a piece of clothing is not just something you use to cover yourself against inclement weather.

Each Gianni Lupo garment is inspired by a long tradition of careful workmanship to create a unique and timeless style.

This garment has personality and will become your true companion by wearing it year after year.